Communicate Safely and Manage Time Sensitive Jobs with Ascent Fleet Services GPS tracking Solution

Time is of the essence! Communicate Safely and Manage time sensitive jobs with Ascent Fleet Services GPS tracking Solution

The importance of driver safety, specifically in relation to how it’s affected by cell phone usage, has increased in recent years. According to the Governors Highway Safety Association:

  • 20 states ban hand-held cell phone use while driving
  • 48 states ban text messaging for all drivers

For fleet management, finding a safer way to communicate information to employees in the field is crucial to fleet safety, as well as ensuring they operate in accordance with the law.

Making hundreds of phone calls per day in order to get updates on the location of your drivers is not only distracting to the driver, but is a highly inefficient use of your time.

That’s why organizations are turning to Ascent Fleet Services GPS tracking solution as a safe and efficient means of communicating information to their drivers, as well as their customers.

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A new way to communicate

Without a GPS tracking system in place, precious time is wasted for fleet management and dispatchers.  They’re constantly making phone calls and sending texts to drivers simply to find out where they are and how long it will take them to arrive at their next stop.

Gaining fleet visibility through GPS tracking increases the efficiency of your organization’s communication and eliminates this wasted time.

Streamlining communication also leads to completing more jobs per day because you can more effectively route drivers to their stops.

Before implementing GPS tracking, one of our plumbing customer’s dispatcher was making 150+ phone calls to drivers per day solely to find out where they were and when they would arrive at their next stop.

This communication process was inefficient for their business and has been replaced with our GPS tracking solution, helping to reduce those location calls to near zero! How many calls, time and money can GPS tracking save you?

The Right Vehicle for the Right Job at the Right Time

It’s common for organizations to get calls from their customers that require an emergency service or rush delivery that same day. When these last-minute jobs arise, time is of the essence and it’s important to send the closest vehicle to that job in order to save time, fuel, and money.

When this situation happens to organizations without a GPS tracking system in place, they are essentially flying blind and hoping everything works out.

It’s time-consuming and difficult to make calls to drivers in the field to find out who is closest to a location and who has the proper equipment to complete the job.

GPS tracking solves this challenge by providing a quick and easy reference on a map to easily identify which vehicle is closest to a customer site/stop, as well as if they have the right type of equipment.

It will also provide the distance between the vehicle and the location along with an ETA, which takes current traffic into account. This can be relayed to the customer for better customer satisfaction!

Closing the ETA Window

Without fleet visibility it makes it difficult to know how long it will take for your truck to arrive on site.

Furthermore, it makes it even more difficult to provide accurate time frames to your customers. We all know the classic 8-5pm window that customers love.

With Ascent Fleet Services GPS tracking, it becomes much easier to plan all of your drivers’ daily routes, which decreases large generalized time frames and allows you to provide customers with more accurate estimated arrival times.

Closing the “ETA window” goes beyond just increasing your fleet’s efficiency, it will increase customer satisfaction leading to more repeat business for your organization as well as potentially fit in more jobs per day. If you were able to tighten your routes, how many more jobs can you fit? How much will customer satisfaction increase?

The Ascent Fleet Services Difference

Ascent Fleet Services GPS tracking solution helps decrease distracted driving and increase effective communication throughout your organization.

Gaining fleet visibility alleviates frustrations of not being able to quickly locate vehicles when the time comes.

Cut down the wasted man hours locating drivers, add more jobs per day, and increase your customer satisfaction with GPS Tracking.

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