Customer Success Stories

Alexander Lumber: Quicker Turnarounds are a Boost to the Bottom Line


East Central Energy Virtually Shrinks Service Area to Reduce Average Fleet Costs by $40,000 Annually


True MHS Saves Over $100,000 in Insurance and Maintenance Costs with Ascent Fleet Services

Mental Health Services

Dayton’s Pest Control Uses Fleet Tracking Software to Uncover New Business Challenges

Pest Control

City of Worcester Saves Thousands with GPS Fleet Tracking


Delivery Fleet Found it Difficult to Meet Standards of Excellence as They Faced Rapid Growth

Delivery & Transportation

Culy Contracting Increases Efficiencies by Automating Manual Processes


First Class Charter Seamlessly Transitions from Paper to Electronic Logs

Delivery & Transportation

Plumbing Medic Gained Full Visibility Over their Fleet with Ascent Fleet Services

HVAC & Plumbing

Texas Turf Overcomes Struggles to Properly Maintain Fleet & Discovers Huge Savings

Tree Service & Landscaping

Sanford and Hawley, Inc. Receives Unexpected ROI By Solving Business Challenges


Rub-A-Dub Plumbing Sees Incredible Savings in First Month with Ascent Fleet Services

HVAC & Plumbing

ABM Industries Overhauls Its Customer-Facing Operations and Improves Technician Safety

HVAC & Plumbing

AAustin Express Solves Efficiency Challenges and Delivers Themselves Over $300k in Savings

Delivery & Transportation

Foris Solutions Increases Driver Safety and Decreases Fuel Costs

Garage Door Repair

Averitt Express Trusts Ascent Fleet Services to Help Streamline Transportation Services

Delivery & Transportation

Advantage Transportation Gains Compliance with Two Mandates and Saves Over $700k

HVAC & Plumbing

Parks & Sons Saves $150,000 in Fuel Costs After Implementing Ascent Fleet Services

Waste Management

Pool Agency Uses GPS Tracking To Reduce Costs and Increase Accountability

Pool Service

Whitton Companies Curbs High Labor Costs with Automated GPS Tracking


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