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AI Fleet Dash Camera Solutions


1080p HD video
Dual facing Cameras
Advanced A.I. processor with at fault detection
Unlimited video cloud storage
Get videos sent automatically when they happen

Driveri Dash Camera


High G-Force Events
Hard Braking
Driver Drowsiness
Hard Acceleration
Traffic Signal Violations
Stop Sign Violations
Following Distance
Seatbelt Compliance
U-Turn Detection
Speeding Violations
Dash Camera

*Of the approximately 510,000 police-reported crashes involving large trucks in 2019, there were 4,479 (1 percent) fatal crashes and 114,000 (29 percent) injury crashes.

-Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA)

Smart dash camera

Easy to Use

No smartphone or annoying downloading from WiFi needed.

Built-in GPS and LTE automatically downloads key clips and important trends for you!

Mobile App

Drivers can access their videos from their phones at anytime and see their live score.

Advanced Technology

Video data is processed in real-time with up to 100 hours of local storage.

Only the Important Clips are sent to you so you can focus on what matters.

Automate your training with the Driveri Prevention program.

Choose the Perfect Plan for You!

Driveri Protection Plan

Protect your organization, your drivers, and your assets with evidence in the event of a crash. You’ll be able to exonerate drivers with live updates and shut down fraudulent or inflated claims with indisputable video evidence. Driveri Protection provides AI-driven insights about harsh acceleration, braking, and turning.

You can coach drivers to address these safety issues. Driveri Protection is competitively priced compared to other similar solutions.

Accident. GPS, cameras

Driveri Prevention Plan

The Driveri Prevention Plan has everything the Protection Plan has and more!

Enhance your safety program with virtual coaching. Easily identify fleetwide trends to prevent accidents from ever happening in the first place. 

Computer vision processes and scores the full spectrum of driver events into easy to define categories – Severe, Moderate, Mild and Good driving behavior. It helps showcase and reward good driving behavior.

Fleet and Safety Managers – Easily see fleetwide graphs and trends to create a company wide safety initiative to address those now easy to define problem areas. 

Dash Camera - Fleet Dash Camera

Helping with Driver Retention

It is hard in today’s post pandemic world to retain the best drivers.  While many seasoned drivers retire and new drivers enter the workforce they may not be used to the demands of being a professional driver. 

Driveri can help your company create easily understood driver policies and reward the best drivers with the Fleet Safety GreenZone Scorecard.

Insights from Driveri help you reward good drivers – and coach those who need to improve. An all in one system.

Improve Fleet Safety with the GreenZone® Scorecard

Reward drivers who operate their vehicles defensively, respect your vehicles and actively avoid hazardous situations.

The GreenZone® Scorecard weighs different driver events based on severity as well as reward good driving behaviors across the total hours of roadtime per driver. 

Ascent 360° Camera System

Multi Camera System

Ascent 360°– Multi-Camera system integrates an array of best-in-class, purpose-driven video and telematics systems that can be customized based on vehicle type and requirements to suit your needs. If a single dash camera won’t do it or you alredy have a dash camera but need added visibility and security. This solution is for you and offers maximum flexibility, for fleet operations. 

Two Options Available: 5-Channel DVR Set Up or the 8-Channel DVR Set Up

Each DVR is the base unit and you can add up to 5 or 8 cameras of your choosing to create a custom and purpose built camera solution for each of your vehicles in your fleet. Camera requires data plan for remote viewing and live storage.

gps hardware

Eliminate Blind Spots with 360-Degree Visibility

The Multi-camera solution offers powerful front, rear, side camera setup in addition to driver-facing, cargo viewing and road-facing cameras to enhance the drivers’ visibility of what is behind and beside them. Add the dedicated driver viewing tablet so they can see each corner and drive with confidence.

Prevent blind-spot collisions and increasing driver’s performance.

Find out which Solution Works Best for your Fleet!

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