ELD Compliance Solutions

Interior Cabin, DOT truck, ELD

More Than Compliance

Turn government regulations into an opportunity by taking control of how you meet federal regulations and keep your fleet compliant.

Choose an electronic logging device or vehicle inspection option with only the features you need while being FMCSA compliant tracking Hours of Service (HOS)

Choose Your Solution

ELD MOBILE puts a streamlined ELD and DVIR mobile app solution into your drivers’ hands via your own smartphone or tablet. Simply plug in the GPS unit, download and the app and you are ready to go.

If hardwired solutions fit your needs, no problem. That’s a job for ELD CONNECT. Includes Optional Magellan Commercial Mapping and 2-way Messaging System.

If you’re after a DVIR-only solution, DVIR MOBILE has you covered with user-friendly precision and maintenance management.

Built to Support Your Needs

Katie Batenhorst
Katie Batenhorst
Nov 11, 2019
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So far this year it has been working great for our company. If I had any issues I would call the helpline for assistance.
Mark Garland
Mark Garland
Nov 9, 2019
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The software is easy to use and has a ton of great features. We can keep tabs on our whole fleet, tell how long...
Jim Haubrick
Jim Haubrick
Nov 9, 2019
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GPS insight has made it so efficient to track, monitor and reduce texting from drivers. From starting the van...
Lloyd Hupe
Lloyd Hupe
Nov 8, 2019
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Well my company has a lot of Gps Insite devices. There easy to install lots of ways to program and customer service is great


Do you manage your own truck or a large fleet! Simply connect the GPS unit to your vehicle’s JBUS/OBD-2 port and download the ELD Mobile app and you are ready to go!

Put compliance without compromise to work for your drivers, vehicles, and the back office with the easy to use ELD MOBILE solution.

DOT-compliant DVIR
Easy to Use With Built-in Tutorials
Multi-lingual Support
No Additional Tablet Purchase Required
Manage Drivers via Online Portal
Capture & Upload Vehicle Defects
ELD, hours of service CDL
ELD-2000 In Cab


ELD Connect is the hardwired ELD Solution that bundles a ruggedized dashboard mounted tablet with an Electronic Logbook, DVIR and GPS tracking system combination to provide an all-encompassing fleet management solution for FMCSA compliance. The hardwired solution does not need Bluetooth.

Company owned, Ruggedized Tablet for ELD, DVIR, dispatch and HD Truck Routing
Hardwired Connection. Large display and user-focused interface make on-the-go use easy
Prevent Fines from Common Violations
Keep Managers Ahead of Issues with Automatic Reports

DVIR Mobile

Keep your fleet in top condition with DVIR Mobile. This easy to use, low-cost Driver Vehicle Inspection Report solution will improve communication and reduce maintenance costs and downtime without adding any unnecessary steps. 

It’s also easy to use, fast, and accurate. Capture and upload pictures of vehicle defects with speech to text to help make sure nothing is missed and is reported accurately.

Improve Wasted Time & Inaccuracies
Forced Checklist-style Forms
Speech to Text
Keep Managers Ahead of Issues with Automatic Reports
Multi-lingual Support
Capture and Upload pictures of vehicle defects
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