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winter driving safety

Winter Driving Tips for Truck Drivers

When temperatures plunge to sub-zero degrees, truck drivers need to perform safe practices when it comes to driving on dangerous road conditions like snow and black ice. Reduced traction on the roadway along with poor visibility will make any winter driving miserable. Every truck driver should follow the proper safety tips for winter driving to ensure they don’t run into major problems on the road.

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dot 16 hour rule

Dot 16 Hour Rule Exemption in 2021

For those looking to run a successful trucking company, it’s important to familiarize yourself with the dot 16 hour rule exemption and other regulations to ensure your fleet remains in good standing with the DOT. Tracking the hours of service is typically one of the most time-consuming tasks that truck drivers must complete daily. The Department of Transportation (DOT) and the Federal Motor Carrier Safety

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How to Fill Out a CDL Driving Log Book

The easiest way to receive a fine is failing to fill the driving logbooks for the truck drivers. According to the FMCSA, all commercial drivers must have electronic logging devices (ELD). However, there are still circumstances where you’ll need to know how to properly fill out a driver log to comply with the hours of service regulations. In this article, we’ll cover: What is the

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truck driver incentive programs

Truck Driver Incentive Programs

When you’re designing your safety incentive program for truck drivers, you’ll want to keep a few things in mind. Consider the perceived benefit to your drivers and how it could help achieve your company goals. The best driver incentive programs strike a balance between the two. Whether you’re looking to create your first driver reward program or tweak your existing one, we’ve come up with

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benefits of gps tracking

14 Benefits of GPS tracking in 2023

Curious what the benefits of GPS tracking are? The transportation industry has become increasingly competitive in today’s market. Businesses are looking for a logistics solution that can provide an edge with faster shipping times, tracking information and location data, and quality customer service. Now fleet managers can utilize GPS tracking software to manage their remote teams of enterprise sized fleets easily. Without a GPS vehicle

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benefits of video telematics

Does Having a Dash Cam Lower Insurance Premiums?

How much does a dash cam reduce insurance? That’s a question that many people are asking because studies show how dash cams can lower accident rates. This article will go through the benefits of having a dash cam and how it can save you money on your insurance premiums by reducing the incidence of fraud. Dash cams are cameras, usually mounted inside the car, which

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fleet video monitoring

How Fleet Video Monitoring Can Prevent Unsafe Driving Practices

Fleet vehicles are used in a wide range of industries, with millions of businesses relying on them every single day. With the increasing globalization of the economy, more businesses rely on fleet vehicle operators for transporting their goods across long distances. For this reason, transportation companies are the lifeblood of this country and it’s important that fleet vehicle operators operate these vehicles safely so they

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benefits of video telematics

Benefits of Using Video Telematics to Manage Your Fleet

Lack of insight into driver operation of fleet vehicles can be costly. Road safety is a major concern, but the more basic problem can be loss of productivity due to vehicles not being driven in the “right” way. How beneficial can using video telematics be? According to a 2016 study conducted by Fleet Owner, using video telematics could reduce injury crashes by 35% and fatal

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How Much Does a Telematics Device Cost?

A term that didn’t even exist a dozen years ago, telematics is the heart of successful fleet operations nowadays – all thanks to the speed of technology. This handy monitoring solution can increase your business’s productivity and profit, but the question is, how much does a telematics device cost? You may be thinking that such modern technology will put a dent in your expenses budget,

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Are AOBRD devices still compliant? Differences between AOBRD and ELD

Confused about whether or not your AOBRD device is still compliant? What’s the deal with the ELD mandate? Should you make the switch? And if so, how do you transition? We’re answering all of these questions and more in today’s article, as well as discussing the differences between AORBD and ELD. What’s an AOBRD? An AOBRD, which stands for Automatic On-Board Recording Device, is an

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