AI Fleet Dash Camera

With real-time incident detection, the ability to determine who’s at fault, and provide all of that data through intelligent automated reporting, Driveri is making fleets safer and reducing costs.

A.I. Video Captures:

High G-Force Events
Hard Braking
Driver Drowsiness
Hard Acceleration
Traffic Signal Violations
Stop Sign Violations
Following Distance
Seatbelt Compliance
U-Turn Detection
Speeding Violations

Anytime one of the above incidents are triggered a 1-2 minute clip is sent to the cloud for review, which eliminates manually viewing hours of footage. Everything is automated for easy fleet safety management.

1080p HD video
Forward and Driver facing Cameras
Advanced A.I. processor with at fault detection
Unlimited video cloud storage
4G LTE connectivity
Smart dash camera

Simple to Use

No smartphone or WiFi needed. Built-in GPS and LTE do everything for you!

Mobile App

Managers and fleet administrators can quickly access their videos on the go.

Advanced Technology

Video data is processed in real-time with up to 100 hours of local storage.

Ability to Protect Your Drivers

You want to get your drivers home safe and it only takes one false move on the road to put them at risk. Driveri provides you with the ability to see the full context of driving events in real-time and historically.

Lack of Insight into Driver Operation of Vehicles

Not understanding how your vehicles are being driven can be anxiety inducing and expensive in the long term. Driveri can help send 1-2 minute long incident clips based on your company’s driver policy to show you exactly how your vehicles are being operated.

Dash Camera

Keeping the Status Quo

The annual accident rate for commercial fleets is around 20% and each accident can cost your organization an average of $70,000. Insurers are discounting policy premiums for fleets equipped with cameras, while this discount will vary by fleet size and provider, some organizations are saving as much as 50% on their premiums.

Improve Fleet Safety with the GreenZone® Scorecard

Reward drivers who operate their vehicles defensively and actively avoid hazardous situations.

The GreenZone® Scorecard provides visibility into individual driver’s scores relative to fleet averages, key events, and information on how they can improve performance.

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