AI Fleet Dash Camera Solutions

Accidents are a huge problem for commercial fleets, as each accident can cost the organization on average between $70,000 to $150,000. Fleet Cameras along with a good safety program can help eliminate those figures.


1080p HD video
Forward, Driver facing Cameras + sides +rear
Advanced A.I. processor with at fault detection
Unlimited video cloud storage
4G LTE connectivity

Dash Cameras

High G-Force Events
Hard Braking
Driver Drowsiness
Hard Acceleration
Traffic Signal Violations
Stop Sign Violations
Following Distance
Seatbelt Compliance
U-Turn Detection
Speeding Violations
Smart dash camera

Easy To Install

No smartphone or downloadable WiFi needed.

Built-in GPS and LTE automatically downloads key clips for you!

Mobile App

Managers and fleet administrators can quickly access their videos on the go.

Drivers have access too!

Advanced Technology

Video data is processed in real-time with up to 100 hours of local storage.

Only the Important Clips are sent to you so you can focus on what matters.

Protect Your Drivers

Driveri sets itself apart by recognizing your driver’s safe driving actions and automating coaching.

Driveri is the Smart Camera solution that incorporates advanced AI processing via Edge Computing on the device as opposed to slow cloud-based solutions. 

Lack of Insight into Driver Operation of Vehicles

Not understanding how your vehicles are being driven can be anxiety inducing and expensive in the long term. 

With Driveri, you can easily analyze every minute your drivers spend on the road – without adding to your workload.

Dash Camera

Driver Retention

It is hard in today’s post pandemic world to retain the best drivers. Driveri can help create easily understood driver policies and reward the best drivers with the Fleet Safety GreenZone Scorecard.

Driveri’s forward-and-driver-facing views use the A.I to focus on positive driver behaviors. 

Insights from Driveri help you reward good drivers – and coach those who need to improve.


Improve Fleet Safety with the GreenZone® Scorecard

Reward drivers who operate their vehicles defensively and actively avoid hazardous situations.

The GreenZone® Scorecard provides visibility into individual driver’s scores relative to fleet averages, key events, and information on how they can improve performance.

Multi Camera System

ZenduCAM 360 – Multi-Camera system integrates an array of best-in-class purpose-driven video and telematics systems that can be customized based on vehicles and requirements to suit your needs thus offering maximum flexibility, for fleet operations. Add on GPS+ ELD + RoadSide Assistance to full equip your truck.
gps hardware

Eliminate blind spots via 360-degree visibility

The multi dash cam solution combines powerful front, rear, near, and offside camera setup in addition to driver-facing and road-facing cameras to enhance the drivers’ visibility of what is behind and beside them, thus preventing blind-spot collisions and increasing driver’s performance.

Find out which Solution Works Best for your Fleet!

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