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More Than Maintenance

Managing maintenance can be a tedious task. Remembering to write mileage for each vehicle, manage services done, bringing the vehicle off the road and planning everything around that can require a full team just to manage. 

Manage maintenance automatically with our easier than ever to use Full Maintenance Suite of Solutions. 

Choose Your Solution

GPS Solution puts a streamlined GPS and Maintenance solution in the palm of your hands. Create reminders for multiple services per vehicle, alert drivers when to bring in their vehicle and track maintenance costs associated with it.

GPS Integrations – If you are currently using a full suite maintenance software provider, click on our integration partners to see if there is a hook up already established or simply add a free API code to connect the programs.

If you’re after a DVIR-only solution, or Federal mandates require it, then our DVIR MOBILE Solution has you covered with user-friendly precision, ability for drivers to take pre/post trip inspections,  maintenance management and more.

Built to Support Your Needs

Katie Batenhorst
Katie Batenhorst
Nov 11, 2019
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So far this year it has been working great for our company. If I had any issues I would call the helpline for assistance.
Mark Garland
Mark Garland
Nov 9, 2019
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The software is easy to use and has a ton of great features. We can keep tabs on our whole fleet, tell how long...
Jim Haubrick
Jim Haubrick
Nov 9, 2019
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GPS insight has made it so efficient to track, monitor and reduce texting from drivers. From starting the van...
Lloyd Hupe
Lloyd Hupe
Nov 8, 2019
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Well my company has a lot of Gps Insite devices. There easy to install lots of ways to program and customer service is great

GPS Solutions

Manage your own truck or a large fleet! The GPS Solution is the foundation to add on any other program to make your fleet management all encompassing. 

Simply connect the GPS unit to your port and set up your mileage and maintenance reminders.

Reminders can be sent to management, drivers and mechanics and simply add a log to keep track of maintenance costs.

Diagnostic Trouble Code alerts also available for real time maintenance alerts. 

DOT-compliant DVIR Add-On
Easy to Use With Built-in Tutorials
Real Time Maintenance Reminders
DTC Trouble Code Notifications
Maintenance Log Reporting
Capture & Upload Vehicle Maintenance Costs


Already have a maintenance partner but need additional functionality they cannot provide? Then connect your current maintenance partner to our award winning GPS partner solution and have the two systems connect for easy to track and implement maintenance solution. 

Free Integration
Multiple Maintenance Integration Partners
Easy To Set Up
Increase Fleet Efficiency

DVIR Mobile

Keep your fleet in top condition with DVIR Mobile. This easy to use, low-cost Driver Vehicle Inspection Report solution will improve communication and reduce maintenance costs and downtime without adding any unnecessary steps. 

It’s also easy to use, fast, and accurate. Capture and upload pictures of vehicle defects with speech to text to help make sure nothing is missed and is reported accurately.

Improve Wasted Time & Inaccuracies
Forced Checklist-style Forms
Speech to Text
Keep Managers Ahead of Issues with Automatic Reports
Multi-lingual Support
Capture and Upload pictures of vehicle defects
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