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Because time is money, learn something valuable about fleet management solutions in just a few minutes.

How Technology Increases Driver Accountability

Knowing the locations of company vehicles, drivers’ actual time on jobs, and being able to determine whether drivers are performing side jobs, can lead to greater company success.

Safety First: How Telematics Improves Fleet Safety

Watch this fleet driver safety video to learn how you can use telematics to improve fleet safety and protect your organization.

How To Introduce GPS Tracking to Your Employees

Wondering how to introduce GPS tracking to your employees? We answer the top 5 questions we hear on how to do this successfully.

4 Tips on How to Save Time with GPS Tracking

GPS tracking software helps you get back lost time throughout the day when you’re running a business with a mobile workforce.


Discover how Ascent Fleet Services provides visibility over your fleet and meets compliance with Government mandates.

Compliance Management

Compliance Management from Ascent Fleet Services provides streamlined ELD and DVIR solutions that fit your needs.

Vehicle & Asset Tracking Solutions

Ascent Fleet Services provides solutions to help businesses with a mobile workforce and assets reduce cost, risks, and increase revenue.

Trailer Tracking Solution

Learn how Ascent Fleet Services trailer tracking about some of the most common challenges business like yours face with trailer management and how can solve them.

Hours of Service/ELD Solution

The Ascent Fleet Services Hours of Service solution combines the power of fleet management with e-logs, DVIR, and more!


The experts discuss important industry news, trends, and product updates.

AOBRD to ELD: Top 3 Things to Know

John Gaither, ELD Product Specialist, discusses the 3 things to know when switching from AOBRD to ELD.

AOBRD to ELD: Technical Differences

John Gaither, ELD Product Specialist, discusses the differences between AOBRDs and ELDs.

AOBRD to ELD: What We Have Learned

John Gaither, ELD Product Specialist, covers how to make a smooth transition from AOBRDs to ELDs.

GPS Tracking Device Installations: Common Misconceptions vs. Reality

Martin Novak, Installation Engineer, discusses the realities of installing GPS tracking devices.

How Ascent Fleet Services Secures Its GPS Tracking Devices and Software

Gary Fitzgerald, CEO & CTO, explains how we keep our customers’ information secure.

The Challenges We Help Fleets Solve

Ryan Driscoll, VP of Marketing, speaks on the main challenges we help customers solve.

What Happens When You’re NOT ELD Compliant

John Gaither, ELD Product Specialist, discusses the heavy fines involved for fleets that operate outside of the ELD mandate.

4 Tips for a Successful ELD Deployment

John Gaither, ELD Product Specialist, provides his top four recommendations to help your business successfully implement ELDs.

Key Considerations for Fleets Implementing Telematics

Jason Walker, Chief Revenue Officer, goes into key considerations for fleets to think about when implementing telematics.

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