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Every industry is different and here at Ascent Fleet Services’ we know there are unique challenges in every business that still needs to be addressed. 

Our Fleet Management Solution can be configured and tailored to specific industry needs to maximize your return on your investment.

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Have you considered using a GPS tracker for trailers? Uncover some of the benefits companies get by tracking their trailers and making the most of their assets. 

One question to ask yourself is if you can always see your trailers, how would you best maximize the revenue in each one?


Where customer service and scheduling are important, GPS tracking can help! 

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Track your OTR trucks and freight across the country and make sure deliveries get there on time. 

Combine with ELD and Cameras for an all in one solution.


Manage Your Mobile Fleet Easily!


Harvest season is stressful so lets take the added stress off and manage your field tractors from anywhere at anytime!


In construction, when you win a bid and need to deliver, costs matter! Managing multiple projects? Equipment stolen after leaving it on site? 

Manage your construction fleet and more with Ascent Fleet Services.

rental equipment

Get correct billing and better manage your equipment’s maintenance to prolong the rentable life of your asset. 

medical transport

Monitor routes taken, safety for both driver and passenger using GPS and Camera Solutions.

pool service

Have 20 pools you need to get to today? No problem. Our GPS solution can help you manage those jobs and more!

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DIve In

Our expert Fleet Consultants want to understand your business to get you into the best product! We deal with many types of industries and dive in and tailor your specific GPS program to maximize your ROI


One of the biggest issues when starting a GPS program is a successful deployment. We help verify each unit is working and make sure you have the smoothest start to savings as possible!

On Going Support

We will be there with you every step of the way. Deployment is the first step followed by live training and then executing your plan to maximize success! We are here to help with account reviews to ensure success and include 24/7 US based tech support!

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