GPS Tracking for Landscaping Companies

GPS fleet tracking has shown some tremendous value in managing mobile services and especially in the landscape industry. 

Over the years, owners have shared testimony and the real results of how GPS tracking can help their respective companies reduce operational costs, reduce fleet risk and increase revenue.

In the landscaping industry, managing your fleet can help with two important areas: Safety and Productivity. 

By focusing on these two pillars many companies have been able to Reduce Labor Costs, Verify Timecards, Manage Equipment Theft, Save on Fuel Costs, Manage Multiple Projects Easily, Easy Routing and Quick Dispatching and more.

Why Landscapers Need GPS Tracking

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Improve Safety & Liability

With all your trucks out in the field you want to make sure your employees are driving safely and responsibly in the community you are servicing all while doing the job effectively.

Safety is a major concern that every company faces and without a GPS tracked vehicle, it can be difficult. One very expensive aspect of safety in fleet management is vehicle accidents. From small fender benders to larger, more serious wrecks, a fleet without safety measures can cause lots of ongoing issues for the organization.

Potential effects could be Loss of income from the truck being out of commission, lower safety score, an increase in vehicle maintenance costs, rising insurance premiums as well as potentially opening yourself up to liability or litigation from the affected parties.

If you operate a mixed use fleet that are equipped with GPS tracking devices, you can set different speeding/safety alerts for different types of trucks based on their function. Maybe you have a truck pulling a trailer that should never exceed the 65 mph on the highway for example.

GPS tracking along with trailer tracking can give you the safety program you need and the peace of mind you desire.

Having a GPS tracking system can help reduce accidents by monitoring driver behavior to curb negative driving habits and improve overall vehicle safety. These devices can be configured with driver scorecards to coach and reward both good and bad driving behaviors.

Combine this program with a 360 Smart Camera Solution and you will have the full safety suite to implement and could potentially reduce your insurance premium by up to 20%.

Productivity & Accountability

Unfortunately, it’s all too common that a crew member does an unauthorized side job for cash up the street from a scheduled appointment. That’s time and money lost from your business, not including the potential liability.

Regain your peace of mind and eliminate this issue once and for all by knowing exactly where your vehicles and equipment are from any mobile device at any time.

Do you operate multiple job sites? Are you a landscape construction company that leaves large equipment at sites? OR do you run a lawn care business and need to complete many jobs all day?

Vehicle and asset tracking solutions using real time GPS vehicle trackers can be used to remotely manage job sites or to determine if heavy equipment is currently being operated.

By monitoring a lawn care customer locations, you can gain insights into your business operations and also improve customer service. By creating landmarks around customer locations, you can start tracking what time your crew got to a job, how long they were there for and when they left.

If there is a customer dispute, you can show them the data. By measuring exact time spent at different jobs, this could help determine if certain projects are making or losing money for you.

Determine “windshield time” between jobs to make sure the most efficient route is being taken so every job can be done that same day. Easily gain insights into multiple crews’ day to find gaps to schedule additional work.

When you can easily manage employee productivity, you can also easily verify timecards. Even if 15 minutes here or there does not seem like a lot to you, across all the crews, teams and days working it can start adding up to quite a lot. Time tracking can help better manage job sites, productivity and reduce operational costs.

Bring the right equipment with you every time. Track your trailers with specialized trailer trackers that can be attached to any non powered trailer in the field.

You can assign attributes to the trailer to easily dispatch the correct equipment to the right job. This trailer tracking device can help if a trailer is stolen, manage trailer maintenance and can even be equipped with a door sensor to manage when equipment was accessed.

Better Technology

Enhance productivity by making sure you are getting to the right customer location with the best route possible. 

Reducing mileage driven between one job site and another alone can help reduce fuel costs, labor costs and potentially increase revenue. 

Instead of dispatching a job to a crew across the city, use the tracking solution to determine which crew can fit this new job into their route and who is closer. Never lose out on extra business again!

Fleet Insights You Can Use

By focusing on just the two pillars of Safety and Productivity we can help Landscaping companies improve driver safety, reduce insurance costs, increase productivity and accountability which will help Reduce Costs, Reduce Risk and Increase Revenue.

There are a lot of providers out there that can give you dots on a map. Our GPS Solution is more than that. 

At Ascent Fleet Services’ we focus on giving you a fleet management tool that you can use in any situation to help successfully manage your fleet and actually gain a tangible return on your investment.

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