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GPS Tracking for Equipment Rentals

Keep track of your rental equipment with our custom GPS solutions tailored to your business

Why You Need GPS Tracking for Your Equipment

The equipment rental industry has been growing in recent years due to a surge in demand for rental vehicles and equipment for construction, generating an increase in demand for solutions to manage those growing fleets. 

Most equipment rental companies are using equipment tracking solutions to help them manage Maintenance, Theft Prevention/Recovery and Invoicing. Real time GPS tracking systems are helping equipment rental business owners get a handle on their fleets and increase per asset profit all while protecting valuable assets from theft and negligence.

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Find Out How to Use GPS Tracking for Anti-Theft and Billing

Receive alert notifications for yourself, your operations team and your customer when equipment is moved off hours or off the job site.

By setting timeframes the asset should be operating you can get alerted if your equipment is turned on, or if it starts moving (being towed/stolen) without the ignition.

Why Choose Us?

Monitor Equipment for Theft

Losing a piece of equipment is frustrating and time consuming to say the least.

In this business, not only does it take an asset out of service, it could also delay other rentals as well as increase your insurance premiums.

Stolen or misplaced equipment can cost an organization 100’s to tens of thousands of dollars of billable time depending on what type of asset was taken.

Using Ascent Fleet Services’ GPS asset tracking solution you can easily see where all your assets are at any time. Create real time landmark fences if certain areas are being  monitored such as leaving state lines or the country. Receive alert notifications for yourself, your operations team and your customer when equipment is moved off hours or off the job site.

By setting preset timeframes the asset should be operating you can be alerted if your tractor is turned on, or if it starts moving (being towed) without the ignition.

Maintain Your Assets so They Can Maintain You


Running an equipment rental business you hope your customers are taking care of your assets as well as remembering to service them each time they come in. The good news is you can now automate that process. Use a GPS fleet management tool to help manage this process easily and quickly.

Create preset routine maintenance reminders based on engine hours to keep equipment out in the field longer. Manage multiple maintenance programs on each device to make sure your heavy equipment lasts longer, can be sent out for more rentals and does not fail with a customer while in service.

Accurate Billing


Whether you are renting by the day, the hour, miles driven or have a contract drafted up based on engine usage, you can easily verify all the above using GPS tracking system to manage your rental fleet.

Create alerts to notify when equipment is due to return. Monitor when specific attachments are in use. Create landmarks around delivery drop off zones to notify operations equipment has returned and to greet the customer. Having the data on hand helps settle any customer disputes and the he said/she said game.

Featured GPS Solutions


Small Fleets Needing Basic Tracking
$ 9
95 Month
  • 24/7 Technical Support
  • Single User
  • Groups
  • Maintenance
  • Assets
  • Utilization
  • Limited Integrations
  • APPS
  • Fleet Fuel Card
  • Professional Services


Highly configurable needs. Fleets 25-5000+
Custom Pricing
  • Online Chat Support
  • 24/7 Technical Support
  • Customer Success Management
  • Single User
  • Additional Users (unlimited)
  • Detail & Summary Reports
  • Groups
  • Customizable Dashboards
  • Full Reports Suite
  • Hierarchies
  • Drivers
  • Management
  • Maintenance
  • Safety
  • Vehicle Health
  • Assets
  • Utilization
  • API & Webhooks
  • Full Integration Suite
  • APPS
  • Manager App
  • Driver App
  • ELD
  • Magellan Mapping
  • Roadside Assistance
  • Cameras
  • Fleet Fuel Card
  • Professional Services
Margaret M. CEO

Once I installed the units and started to really track my equipment fleet I was surprised how much I was leaving on the table. Such a powerful tool. Thanks!

Bill J. Asset Manager

I manage my brother's equipment business and before Ascent Fleet Services we tracked out maintenance on paper. I could not believe how much easier this is compared to what we were doing. Thanks for bringing us to the 21st century.

Fred Walker Owner

Just used fleet utilization and found out like a quarter of my fleet was not moving. Once I fixed that the money came in. Good system.

Jillian Dooley President

We were having theft issues in rural areas of our equipment and once we installed this system and set up the motion alerts we were able to call the police in time and save out assets!

Elizabeth Sofia CEO

I could not imagine having to track billing cycles without this solution and engine hour information. Thank you Ascent Fleet!

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