GPS Tracking for the HVAC industry

Keep track of your rental equipment with our custom GPS solutions tailored to your business

Why Our GPS Tracking is Ideal for HVAC

The HVAC industry has to be as flexible as they usually are maintaining scheduled visits alongside emergency jobs. Having a GPS tracking solution in place can help manage your mobile workforce easily and more effectively.

Help your techs in the field by dispatching the closest job to the right tech and reducing overall costs and time by knowing where your vans are in real time.

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If your trucks have more than one job per day, implementing a routing solution can be beneficial to your fleet operations. Quickly landmark job sites in your work zones, then add all your jobs to our Routing tool to dispatch multiple jobs to your techs.

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Many HVAC companies that use GPS tracking as a tool to manage their fleet can glean many benefits from the solution. Here is a list of some of the common benefits HAC companies get having GPS installed:

By cleaning up your routing and dispatching, windshield time will be reduced between jobs across the board thus lowering billable hours. 

Fuel is one of the largest expenses in fleet operations alongside labor costs. Having a system to monitor fuel expenditures will allow your fleet manager to dive in and see exactly which areas can be improved and save money for the company. 

Monitoring wasteful idling will also reduce fuel costs as well as labor costs by reducing time spent sitting. Alongside the easily measured fuel wasters, our solution can also show how much gas is being used by excessive speeding, harsh driving habits and taking longer routes.

Use our reporting function to validate timecards and time at jobs throughout the day. Added Fleet Card Integrations with WEX, Voyager and FleetCor also show gas expenditure and GPS validated purchases. Trust but verify!

Reduce maintenance costs by having proactive maintenance reminders set up to reduce vehicle down time! Set standard routine maintenance reminders as well as sudden engine light notifications. When it comes to maintenance having a GPS tracking system in place can pay off immediately.

rental equipment gps tracking device

Find Out How to Use GPS Tracking for Anti-Theft and Billing

Receive alert notifications for yourself, your operations team, and your customer when equipment is moved off hours or off the job site.


By setting preset timeframes of when the asset should be operating, you can be alerted if your HVAC equipment is turned on or if it starts moving (being towed) without the ignition.

We Help HVAC Companies With the Following:


Improve the safety of your techs in the HVAC business. GPS tracking devices can read in depth driver behavior information allowing for coaching and overall safer operation of the vehicle.

Driver Scorecards are available for companies that want to set driver reward programs and have easy to use templates to rate driving behavior. Along with the GPS speeding, harsh braking and the reporting function that goes along with it, we now offer dash cameras for all vehicle types.

The AI powered 360 SMART Camera has four cameras that give you unparalleled coverage with 360 degree visibility.

Watch the side for cars attempting to cut off your drivers. Also monitor red lights, speeding to curve dangerous driving habits including a reward program for drivers that follow the rules.


Protect your property! Having a GPS fleet tracking solution in your vehicles will reduce the events of losing your vehicles and tools to theft.

Quickly get notified if a vehicle is being moved after hours, or randomly without it being turned on. Our GPS alert notification system can let you and anyone in your organization know in real time if anything is being taken.

Improved Customer Service

Improving the visibility of your fleet operations and knowing when and where all your techs are at any given time helps improve overall customer satisfaction.

You no longer have dispatchers overwhelmed with calls of where their tech is at. No longer will you have to give extremely vague 4-8 hour windows of arrival.

Having a GPS fleet tracking solutions in your service vans will allow for more accurate ETA’s which will ensure a happy customer and repeat business.

Increased Revenue

Reducing your routing and dispatching will free up more time to take on additional service calls through out the day as well as improve customer service by promptly and expeditiously visiting customers when the need arises.

If an average service call brings in $80 to the company. Imagine being able to fit in 1 extra job per week across your fleet and you can truly see some benefits.

Featured GPS Solutions


Ideal for fleets ranging from 1 - 50 vehicles
$ 19
95 Month
  • Customer Success Management
  • 24/7 Technical Support
  • Additional Users
  • Detail & Summary Reports
  • Groups
  • Management
  • Maintenance
  • Safety
  • Vehicle Health
  • Assets
  • Limited Integrations
  • APPS
  • Cameras
  • Fleet Fuel Card


Highly configurable needs. Fleets 25-5000+
  • Customer Success Management
  • Online Chat Support
  • 24/7 Technical Support
  • Additional Users (unlimited)
  • Detail & Summary Reports
  • Groups
  • Customizable Dashboards
  • Full Reports Suite
  • Hierarchies
  • Drivers
  • Management
  • Maintenance
  • Safety
  • Vehicle Health
  • Assets
  • Utilization
  • API & Webhooks
  • Full Integration Suite
  • Manager App
  • Driver App
  • ELD
  • Magellan Mapping
  • Roadside Assistance
  • Cameras
  • Fleet Fuel Card
  • Professional Services
Margaret M. CEO

Once I installed the units and started to really track my equipment fleet I was surprised how much I was leaving on the table. Such a powerful tool. Thanks!

Bill J. Asset Manager

I manage my brother's equipment business and before Ascent Fleet Services we tracked out maintenance on paper. I could not believe how much easier this is compared to what we were doing. Thanks for bringing us to the 21st century.

Fred Walker Owner

Just used fleet utilization and found out like a quarter of my fleet was not moving. Once I fixed that the money came in. Good system.

Jillian Dooley President

We were having theft issues in rural areas of our equipment and once we installed this system and set up the motion alerts we were able to call the police in time and save out assets!

Elizabeth Sofia CEO

I could not imagine having to track billing cycles without this solution and engine hour information. Thank you Ascent Fleet!

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